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Note: Before installing Twonky Server 8, you will need to uninstall any previous versions of this product you have installed. If you already purchased a license key, please make sure you have your license key before uninstalling Twonky Server, which you can find in your program settings.

If you uninstall Twonky Server before copying down your license key, you can send an email to and we will try to recover it for you. Please ensure you send the email from the email address used to purchase your key.

Twonky Server is available for Windows PCs, Mac and Linux (i386). You can install and try Twonky Server for 30 days without a license key.

Download Twonky Server

Version 8.5.2 (Windows)
Version 8.5.2 (Mac)
Version 8.5.2 (Linux: manual installation)
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