Why Choose Twonky?

Learn how Twonky has helped other companies in your industry.
Conforms to DLNA 1.5 specifications
(DMS, DMR, DMP, DMC, etc.)
Supports Airplay
Device Adaptation
Intelligent Queueing, bookmarking,
and playlist handling
Improved mobile / stationary device interworking
Beaming from browser including proxy
Content aggregation
User-defined content sync
Stationary control point with web API
Access to online feeds

Here’s Why…

The Twonky Ecosystem can be broken up into three primary elements: The Twonky Server, an industry leading media server; Twonky Beam, a breakthrough technology that enables the sharing of video among devices with the simple press of a button; and Twonky Client Applications that turn mobile devices, tablets and connected televisions into media hubs. Together these elements comprise a complete media ecosystem built for the digital age.

The foundation of the Twonky product family is the Twonky Server, a best-in-class media server that enables users to access their libraries of digital media content on connected devices, including all DLNA-compliant and UPNP devices as well as products powered by proprietary technologies.

The Twonky Server is universally recognized as the one of the most efficient and stable media server products on the market, and has been adopted by a wide cross-section of industry leading electronics manufacturers including Western Digital, Cisco, RIM, Samsung, and dozens more.

The Twonky ecosystem extends far beyond the sharing of personal media content, however, thanks to a family of products that power the connected consumer experience.

Twonky Beam technology extends the reach of the Twonky ecosystem to online video content, enabling users to easily transfer videos from the web to any Twonky-enabled device. By adding a simple, lightweight Twonky Beam Button to their website, content providers can immediately extend the reach of their videos into the living room. With Twonky Beam it literally takes only the press of a button for users to instantly transfer online video from their computer, tablet or mobile phone to a Twonky-enabled living room device. Twonky Beam is also available as a white-label service for content distributors and aggregators who want to power the Beam experience under their own brand.

Twonky Client Applications bring the power of Twonky technology to a variety of devices, ensuring that users can enjoy the content they care about on all the devices they own. Twonky TV for Android lets users play all their personal media and online video on their Android-powered connected television.