Twonky Beam

Twonky Beam is a free iOS and Android app that lets users discover and transfer online video content from a tablet or mobile device to a television with the touch of a button. Twonky Beam works with a wide variety of living room devices, including the Xbox 360 game console, Roku streaming players, Apple TV, AT&T U-verse, multiple models of connected televisions, and legacy DLNA devices. Unlike proprietary solutions that only work within a closed environment, Twonky technology works across brands, operating systems and industry standards to bridge the gap between mobile devices and the living room. Twonky Beam also enables Beaming of music or photos from devices in the home network to the most appropriate playback unit for the best user experience. Twonky Beam apps let consumers easily

  • Browse for online content
  • Discover new videos
  • Beam videos to living room devices with the press of a button
  • Enjoy online videos on the television